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2018 Year End Summary Video

Posted on February, 10 2019



Newsletter January 2018

Posted on January, 9 2018

Dear all as 2017 has come to a close and the Chinese New Year looms once again here is a brief update on the past year at the Soup Kitchen. As always 2017 was another crammed year for the Soup Kitchen. We received two awards, did a TED talk in Shanghai, after they had waited 5 years for us to agree, and which has now been viewed by over 5 million people, whilst running our usual array of projects. In total in 2017 we ran 184 projects with an input of well over 8750 volunteer man hours. During the past 12 years we have run a total of 2,028 projects, served around 160,000 meals at the Soup Kitchen, delivered aid to approximately 60,000 people in rural villages, in addition to delivering over 110 wheelchairs to the elderly and disabled and fitting 12 disabled people with prosthetic limbs and helping over 90 homeless people find work & street children return home. During this time over 12,000 volunteers have come to work with us and offer service. We have added two new videos to our website, the first a summary of 2017’s projects and also the Chinese TED talk (YiXi) that finally tells the whole story of China’s first Soup Kitchen. Tony covers how it all came about, from him first leaving the UK to beginning serving food in Xi’an, the philosophy of the Soup Kitchen, why against the odds it has worked and what has made this past 12 years possible, including just a small selection of stories. (In chinese with english subtitles.) If you wish to view them you can visit our website video page http://www.yellowrivercharity.com/videos or click the images below and the video will open in your browser. […]


Announcement Regarding Unauthorised Fundraising

Posted on July, 20 2017

Following the TED talk being released by YiXi some media organisations have without permission used the YiXi talk and news material concerning the Yellow River Soup Kitchen, at the same time sought to elicit donations. These organisations have no connection with the Yellow River Soup Kitchen nor have we received any of the donations raised. All of Yellow River Soup Kitchen's donation options are shown on our "Want to Help" webpage as these will all come directly to us, additionally any donations received by YiXi on our behalf will also be passed on to us in their entirety. Please see the official statement below. Yellow River Soup Kitchen 17th July 2017 […]