Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. - Clarissa Pinkola Estés Ph.D


The Birth of the Soup Kitchen

Several large filled steamed buns called Baozi stuffed with a combination of vegetables, tofu and noodles, pots of hot soup and tea are served three times weekly, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at the catholic church on Wu Xing Jie. At the same time two teams of volunteers also visit the streets and serve hot food and tea to the homeless who are unable to come to the Soup Kitchen. This has continued every week without fail since it began in December '05 regardless of the weather or holidays, for instance Chinese New Year, Christmas etc. As of 2014 we have provided around 140,000 meals and are currently serving around 1800 meals per month. It would be so much simpler, to work as a small regular group but this would miss out on what is a wonderful opportunity to offer so much more, namely leaving the chance open for anyone to come along and work with their heart. This is a major reason for our very existence as an organisation. Since we began over 800 volunteers have come and given their time in any way they felt able. Several of them being the homeless people themselves who, for whatever their reasons feel compelled to regularly come and assist us helping their colleagues. Despite us being independent of any specific religion the Church where we run the Soup Kitchen has been tremendously supportive of our actions, perhaps due to them recognising the simplicity of the motivation, and in February 2007 Father Stephen Chen, decided to take the initiative to build us a new building from where we could serve the food. This was opened on Sunday May 13th 2007 and has seating for 140 people so our volunteers are now able to serve and our guests able to eat indoors sheltered from the burning heat or the freezing cold and rain. […]


Homeless Christmas Party

From the Soup Kitchen's first anniversary we celebrated with our Homeless Christmas Party, since then it has been an annual event and undoubtedly our best night of the year. Around 200 plus people usually attend. So this year in December think of us as we join our street friends, complete with Santa hats, meat dumplings, soup, fruit, cake, live music, dancing and Karaoke to celebrate another year of the Soup Kitchen. […]


Clothes Distribution

Many people generously donate their unwanted items of clothing enabling us to distribute them every week at the Soup Kitchen. In winter we also supply blankets, quilted overcoats and thermal long johns. We began in November 2006 and have since distributed clothes in poor rural villages often to 5 villages at a time distributing clothes to up to 1000 people in a day. We make several trips each year to mountain villages having distributed to date to over 50,000 people. […]


Winter Distribution of Quilts, Overcoats & Long Johns

Each winter we take to the streets of Xi'an and distribute new quilts, overcoats and long johns to the homeless as they sleep. Finding them on the streets at night may be a much more difficult and time consuming way to distribute, each night teams are often out until after 3am, but we can learn so much in the process. […]


Showers and Haircuts

We planned to take the homeless people to a shower place and hairdresser for Christmas. It became true today with some funny stories. […]