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Want to Help?

The Yellow River Soup Kitchen is a non profit charity operating in Xi'an, China. We are a wholly voluntary organisation and 100% of any form of donation received will go directly to the people that it is intended, with no deductions being made for the running costs of the charity. If you wish to support the people we serve or any particular project please see below.

To Volunteer

Should you have any free time, either occasionally or regularly, you are very welcome to come and offer your services in whichever way you are able. You will find us at the Soup Kitchen in Xi'an on Wu Xing jie (五星街), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm until approximately 8.15pm.


Or alternatively feel free to contact us about our other projects or to assist in any other way. 

You can find us at 17 Wu Xing Jie

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