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What a fantastic job you are doing. I have watched your videos and was specially amazed by Wang Dan Hua's story. I hope one day I will return to Xi'an and have the privilege to meet everyone at the Soup Kitchen again. The world is a better place because of the Yellow River Soup Kitchen and your volunteers. Thank you so much.

- Linn, Sweden

Thank you for coming and passing all positive energy. The children not only harvested rich prizes, but you will all remain in their deep memory. The weekends events including the children's Sports Day were all great, very successful and everybody had a great response, thank to the Yellow River Soup Soup kitchen, and thank you to each volunteer.

- Head Master Wei Nan School

(organised clothes distribution, film night and sports day June '14)

My first visit to Xi'an led me to the Yellow River Soup Kitchen. The people I met and the conversations I had there have had a great deal of influence on my life these past six years...thank you, congratulations, and keep up the wonderful work that you do. 

- Melissa, Chicago, Illinois

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