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Distributing Wheelchairs

Since 2011 we have partnered with the Rotary in Shanghai and have distributed around 110 wheelchairs to the elderly and disabled in poor mountain villages, including some to our homeless friends in the city. When we meet the recipients we spend the required amount of time to first see if they really need the wheelchair and then making sure they are comfortable using it, this and the fact that the locations are so remote means we can usually only distribute 8 wheelchairs in one day, making this a lengthy but worthwhile process. It is remarkable how the simple gift of a wheelchair can change somebody's life. One 70 year old lady who had not been out of her house for 4 years said that she was so happy as she could now meet the sun again, and a 23 year old girl with a severe spinal disorder had not left her bed for 6 years, when we placed her in the wheelchair and pushed her outside for the first time the whole family and many volunteers were in tears.


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